Decorating Tips & Tricks

Decorating Tips & Tricks

Decorated shiplap wall baby sign

DIY Shiplap Backdrop Wall

Looking ahead to planning your next event? Create this freestanding shiplap wall for a fantastic photo backdrop or décor piece. 

Timeless Shiplap Sign in botanical living room

How to Make Your Own DIY Shiplap Sign

Have extra shiplap you don't know what to do with? Looking for a do-it-yourself project? Learn how to create your own shiplap sign to decorate your home. 

Weathered Wood Accent Boards Home Office

Spruce Up Your Home Office to Make Work-From-Home Work for You

Employees who work from home may be able to get by for a little while with a desk in a spare room of their house. But for a longer-term work-from-home assignment, you can make your workspace more pleasant and more productive in just a few steps. 

shiplap she-sheds

Relax Outdoors This Summer With Your Own She-Shed

Maximize your time outdoors this summer by converting your shed into a she-shed. 

UFP-Edge midnight black timeless nickel gap shiplap bathroom accent wall

Is it Safe to Install Shiplap in a Bathroom?

Thinking about installing shiplap in your bathroom, but worried about moisture? Learn how to safely install shiplap in areas with lots of moisture.

5 Affordable DIY weekend projects

5 Affordable DIY Weekend Projects

Now is the perfect time to make a big impact on your home and you can do so without spending a lot. We have curated five do­-it-­yourself projects you can tackle in a single weekend.

Style difference in shiplap cladding board widths

What Size Shiplap Should I Use?

Wonder what width of shiplap is best for your project? Discover the style differences between three widths of shiplap cladding wall boards.

ufp-edge accent walls of shiplap wall cladding vs. full rooms of shiplap wall cladding

Can you overuse shiplap?

Accent walls of shiplap cladding vs. full rooms of shiplap cladding. When is it too much shiplap for the application?

UFP-Edge rustic collection, charred wood and timeless nickel gap shiplap cladding finishes.

Types of Shiplap Cladding Finishes

Discover the differences in shiplap finishes that can define the style of a room or overall look of a home.

UFP-Edge charred wood and rustic shiplap wall cladding and wood plank ceilings

No More Shiplap Walls

Learn why we are putting our foot down and saying no to our favorite shiplap walls.

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