Installation and Maintenance

Installation and Maintenance

Screwing in outlet over shiplap board

How to Install Shiplap Around Outlets and Switches

Most walls will have outlets and switches you will need to install around. Follow these simple steps in order to best fit your shiplap. 

Marking for studs

Locating and Marking Studs for Shiplap Installation

An accurate marking of your studs will provide an efficient install process for a look that lasts.

Measuring your wall vertically

How To Measure Your Wall For Shiplap Installation

 Measuring your walls is an important first step prior to installing shiplap. Proper wall measurements will allow you to calculate the amount of shiplap you’ll need to obtain the best possible fit.

Using nail gun to board tongue

How to Affix Shiplap

UFP-Edge shiplap can be installed two different ways–using adhesive and nails or just nails depending on the type of shiplap you choose to install and your desired look.

Charred Ash Gray Shiplap Fireplace Living Room

Can you put shiplap around a fireplace?

You might have a shiplap accent wall, but have you ever thought of putting shiplap around your fireplace? Following these guidelines for maximum safety, a fireplace is a stunning place to install shiplap.

Installing UFP-Edge Smoke White Charred Wood shiplap to an accent wall

How much shiplap do I need?

Looking for an easy way to calculate how much shiplap you need for your accent wall or ceiling project? Let us do the math for you by using our coverage calculator.


Timeless Nickel Gap Shiplap in Farmhouse White in Living Room

What is nickel gap shiplap?

So you’ve heard of shiplap, but what is nickel gap? Nickel gap is the spacing in between shiplap planks, coining it’s name from the idea that you could slot a nickel into each of the spaces. 

Timeless nickel gap shiplap installation instructions

How to Install Timeless Nickel Gap Shiplap

Get a flawless Timeless nickel gap shiplap look with this step by step installation walk through.

shiplap cladding installation tools

Should you use Nails or Screws When Installing Shiplap Cladding?

Learn how the right tools can save yourself time, money and a headache when installing shiplap cladding.

UFP-Edge rustic collection shiplap cladding bedroom accent wall installation

How to Install Rustic Shiplap Cladding

Become a weekend DIY warrior. Learn how to install rustic shiplap cladding without the need to hire an outside contractor.

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