Shiplap Makeover with Interior Specialist Aspen Vanhoorebeck

Shiplap Makeover with Interior Specialist Aspen Vanhoorebeck

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We at UFP-Edge believe your home is a sacred space. Your home is meant to reflect your personality, provide a peaceful environment, and inspire creativity. We love partnering with interior experts who share a passion for creating inspiring home designs. We recently partnered with Interior Specialist Aspen Vanhoorebeck from @acozyblessednest for her teenage son’s shiplap bedroom makeover.

Originally Aspen’s 16-year-old son wanted all-black painted bedroom walls. Not especially thrilled on the dark color choice (she hoped the room would easily transition into a guest room when he went to college), Aspen looked for another option. When she found our smooth Timeless Nickel Gap Midnight Black shiplap, she and her son were able to reach a happy medium.

Although not necessary, Aspen decided to paint the wall black before installing the shiplap, just in case any of the previous white color was visible through the nickel gaps.

 A helpful tip from Aspen: “Make sure to measure [the amount of shiplap you need] correctly or the whole process will take longer.” We recommend using our coverage calculator to easily calculate how much shiplap you will need for your home project.

Before installing shiplap, she made sure to remove the light switch and outlet covers, which we recommend for a better fit and look. Also, if you have our primed shiplap and plan to paint, you will need to remove those anyways. Starting from the bottom of the wall to the top, she was able to easily install the boards with a nail gun. She also chose to use the matching Timeless Midnight Black trim to create a more finished look. When you add trim, you can’t tell if the top shiplap board beneath the trim had to be cut to size or not.

 Aspen shared, “I love that the boards come pre-cut. It makes the installation process so much easier!” The Timeless prepainted shiplap comes in 1x4, 1x6, and 1x8 widths up to 8 feet long. Our pre-cut and prepainted shiplap is a huge time saver when it comes to installation.

The shiplap bedroom transformation...




The bedroom before the shiplap.


 Prepping the wall for installation. 




Shiplap_Bedroom_Makeover_MidnightBlackShiplap_P sign


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Timeless Nickel Gap_Midnight Black 1x6_MudRoom

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Timeless Nickel Gap_Midnight Black 1x8 Bathroom2

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Timeless Midnight Black shiplap basketball bedroom